Play Piano in a Flash

Play Like a Pro Whether You Have Had Lessons or Not


This is the original PBS Pledge Special that started all the excitement! Let Scott show you the basics of how it is we teach piano in our styles, using a chord style approach. In addition to the content seen on the Original Play Pinao in a FlashPledge Special, you will find an additional 80 mins of bonus material never broadcast and only available on this DVD. This bonus section will teach you some tricks to make both the right and left hand parts sound more professional by going beyond the basics.

Running Time: 140 minutes

For about the cost of 1 piano lesson, this DVD will provide you with years of musical enjoyment. If truth be known, there is another way to learn how to play piano rather than going to weekly lessons and spending thousands of dollars in the process.

Also included during the running of the video is a link to download pdf files of chord charts and graphics used in this video title.

The secret is learning to play the way the pros play. Learning to play in that style is enormously simpler than traditional classical piano lessons. Even better, it takes an absolute minimum amount of note reading ability.

Best of all, your tour guide for this adventure, Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston, forces you to have fun along the way!

Is this DVD going to prepare the viewer for a career as a concert pianist? Absolutely not! However, if you simply want to play some piano for the simple goal of enjoying yourself, then get ready to knock a lifelong dream from your "to-do" list.

Have fun!

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Gain access to 4 files to download & play in your player of choice.